Busy busy busy

This semester is not going smoothly as I'd expected, but it is what it is.

Just a few bullet points for my future self to remember.

  • Four Thousands Weeks: I read this book, and I was quite surprised, positively. Even though the subtitle contains "Time Management" on it, it doesn't actually have a bunch of tips on how to manage your time, instead, it says that, on average, we all have 4,000 weeks to live, and we won't be able to do everything we wanna do, so better just do what you are doing and chill a bit. It was nice reading it at this point.
  • USD: Eventually, I wanna test USD (Universal Scene Description), and this video explains the basics of USD.
  • BLACKINK (ISANA KAGAMI) art: You know when you see some artwork, and you're immediately caught and just can't stop looking at? Her art is just unbelievably amazing.

See ya!