Different environments

We live in a high-tech world, in some sense we have superpowers. With our drawing software programs, we can go back and undo mistakes at any time. We don’t need to think much before every brush stroke.

Is this healthy at all? The answer for that you won’t find here on this blog post. Sorry.

But one thing I can tell you; it seems like we are losing some cognitive stuff with all the options we have. Everything is super accessible and a click away of distance. But is this so bad? Again, answers you won’t find here.

Traditional drawing

Last year I took Peter Han’s Dynamic Sketching classes, and, although it’s not a strict requirement, you are kinda requested to use felt tip pen and paper only. Again, you can still use your digital drawing setup, but is not recommended.

It was during those moments, when I was struggling not to double tap my fingers on the paper to undo something, that I realized how we (or just me, but I doubt that) are — in some sense — “addicted” to the easiness that digital tools has to offer. The same applies when I’m reading something and I try to tap a word to highlight it on a book. And again, this might not be totally bad, but is at least curious.

You might need to adapt to the environment you are in, that’s for sure.