Mobility > Big screen

Look, I get it. Having a big screen for drawing/painting is amazing! Last year I bought a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24", and not only it has a big screen, but also huge bezels, which are super useful for resting your hand while drawing and not touching the screen, etc etc etc…

Problem is, you either get a bigger table, or you will be in a complicated situation regarding space.

Lately, I’ve been barely using my Cintiq for drawing, and the other day when I had to finish a ZBrush task I even used my old Wacom Intuos Pro, because for me it feels more comfortable to use, there’s no need to adjust height or anything like that, and no fan noise either.

Same thing with the iPad, it’s light, it’s ready to use whenever I want and no fan noise, because guess what, it doesn’t have a fan!

So, yeah, I guess that a big Cintiq is not for me after all.