Rigging resource

I'm not a big fan of rigging 3D characters. The whole process of creating a character rig is just not appealing to my taste.

Fortunately, there are tons of resources out there that can make the rigging process a bit more bearable.

My favorite rigging resource by far — and probably the best — is antCGi YouTube channel. Created by industry veteran Antony Ward, antCGi has tons and tons of in-depth guides and tutorials. Most of them are free! Super cool stuff!

Recently, he launched a Rigging Toolkit, which makes it easier to create rigs for your characters. It's not free, it's totally worth it. You can get the tool by joining antCGi YouTube channel or by supporting his work directly on Ko-Fi.

By the way, I'm not sponsored by antCGi, this is just an appreciation post. :)