Lucas da Silva

Animation / Vis Dev student

Tag: Thoughts

  • Mobility > Big screen

    Look, I get it. Having a big screen for drawing/painting is amazing! Last year I bought a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24″, and not only it has a big screen, but also huge bezels, which are super useful for resting your hand while drawing and not touching the screen, etc etc etc… Problem is, you either…

  • Different environments

    We live in a high-tech world, in some sense we have superpowers. With our drawing software programs, we can go back and undo mistakes at any time. We don’t need to think much before every brush stroke. Is this healthy at all? The answer for that you won’t find here on this blog post. Sorry.…

  • Talent and practice

    Talent and practice

    I don’t believe a 100% in talent. Of course, some people find it easier to perform certain tasks (like drawing or painting) and we can call that as some sort of talent.  However, I genuinely believe that people can do wonders with practice, not talent. Even if someone doesn’t have the so-called talent for X,…